The Ramayana T-shirts in the 3 types of Crew neck pocket, V-Neck and Henley Neck have now been restocked.


This product uses super luxury cotton material Suvin.

Suvin is arranged as a thick thread and this is called Ramayana.

Generally, thin high-grade materials such as Suvin are often made into threads of fine counts, but in order to make thick indium fabrics, we

spun boldly on thick threads.

The fiber length and the thickness of the fiber have the property not to be defeated to the finest sea-island cotton.

When wearing this Ramayana material, you will be amazed by the smoothness of the touch.


The colors are available in White, Black,  Navy and Gray.  Sizes available from 1~5.

Please experience Ramayana cotton you will be able to clearly feel the goodness of the material.