Limited edition cap reservation has started this year too!!

This time a special “Shaman” embroidered cap has appeared!

Limited CAP based on the classic denim cap of UES.

This year, instead of patches, we used a large chain of embroidered SHAMAN letters on the forehead.

By wearing them overtime, the fade of the denim fabric and the loose feeling of chain embroidery settles and blends in.

The logo “SHAMAN” refers to a person who has the ability to interact directly with Shinbutsu (the Gods and Buddha) and spiritual beings.

We tend to believe only in what is visible or scientifically proven, but the opposite is equally important in SHAMAN. The embroidery on the side of the head is also a special specification

designed especially for the Limited CAP.

The Limited CAP has a size development from the S size, will FIT to the smaller ones.

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