UES Duck Shorts and Chambray Short Pants

UES DUCK SHORTS has work details incorporated in the design to give the work taste touch.
The more you wear the more texture feel increases , the stress-free wear is 100% cotton.
The sulfur dyed duck fabric is tough and has further enhanced strength with triple stitch sewing and reinforcing cloth.
It also withstands hard wearing and washing, and enjoys a great deal of aging.
This time, I will introduce the color variations of Indigo-dyed Chambray shorts and Sulfur-dyed Duck shorts.



This pair has been worn by one of our staff for two seasons. Please take a look at the before after and beautiful color fading from the Indigo-dyed Chambray.




This also is a two season worn Duck Shorts.  You can see here the color has lightened giving the vintage feel,  the more you wear and wash the more character will bring out.

There are also more color variations of Camel and Olive.

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