Today I would like to introduce to you our Flannel Shirts.

This year we have two main types, Heavy Flannels and the Extra Heavy Flannels.

I will start from the Heavy Flannels.

UES Heavy Flannel shirt is characterized by thick fabric of 14.5oz and texture is expressed by weaving with a power loom.

The balance between the warp and weft thread is good, and the moderate movement of the fabric improves comfort.

The characteristics of the Pre-dyed fabric using direct dyes are that the color gradually fades overtime by wearing them. You can enjoy the subtle color tone.

From spinning, dyeing to knitted fabric, in cutting and sewing all of this is made in Japan. We are very committed to purely Japan Made.

Also in the inner side a slight brush has been applied which gives a soft touch feeling, and at the same time it also enhances the warmth.

This is the thickest of the UES Heavy Flannel shirts. The fabric made of thick yarn has a clear presence of twill and is undefeated with the strong plaid.

Made using an old-fashioned loom. This machine does not pull the yarn excessively and produces a soft texture. Brushing is given on the inner side, enhancing the soft touch and warmth.

It is a product that requires high technology for sewing because it is extremely thick.

Because it is sewn with triple-stitched winding, it can be durable and long-lasting. With the Direct dyed yarn you can enjoy moderate aging with repeated use and washing.

Rope dyed uneven yarn is used for both vertical and horizontal. In terms of ease of wearing, as a cotton material this is extra thick.

The color loss that is the characteristic of rope dyeing is that when the surface is worn, the unstained white cotton comes out to the surface, and the light and shade of indigo appears.

The inner side of the fabric is brushed, so you can feel the goodness of the touch and warmth.

From yarn dyeing to weaving fabrics and brushing, this product can only be made to shape and produced in limited domestic factories.

You can enjoy the unique features of the indigo’s color fade and aging from the fabric. The more and longer you wear the product, the more charm it will bring.

From spinning, dyeing to knitted fabric, in cutting and sewing all of this is made in Japan. We are very committed to purely Japan Made.

Flannel shirt Advance reservation is taking place.

If you make a reservation within the period, you will receive the benefit of the UES Original Zip Pouch, which uses the same fabric as the flannel shirt you order.

This advance order reservation is a chance to get your desired size and color.

There are more designs and details to see.

We are taking the advance reservation till April 24th do not miss!

※ Product delivery is scheduled for September.

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