New Arrivals – Ues Thermals

The Ues Classic Thermals have arrived.

The 100% cotton thick honeycomb mesh thermal has a comfortable touch, high heat retention, and elasticity. The structure of the knitted fabric makes plenty of warm air layers, so it is especially recommended as an inner winter season.

UES’s thermal uses recycled yarn spun from carefully selected cotton. It features a unique feeling of nep and a natural color with cotton residue. The dry feel can be changed to a soft touch by repeated washing.

Slim Thermals- sizes 0 ~3

Because the emphasis is on the use as an inner, it has a silhouette that fits the body. The knitting structure is devised, and it is stronger and harder to stretch than general thermal fabrics.


Regular Thermals – sizes 1~5


As the classic 60TS thermal is a tight fit especially made for inner layers, we made a regular fit thermal which is a more relaxed fit that can be worn as one. The knitted fabric with a honeycomb structure traps warm air, making it warm and comfortable.


For sewing, we use a special sewing machine called flat seamer that makes the seam smooth. The purpose is to reduce the stress that the shoulders, sleeves, and side seams hit the skin, but this is especially effective for thick fabrics like UES thermal.

Whether it is a shirt inner or a T-shirt layered from the top, a variety of colors are available to make it easy to match.

Please check them out on our UES OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE↓↓