item code: 501952

The long awaited Ues Heavy Flannels will be arriving shortly starting with the #501952

Colors are available in Pink and Blue sizes from 1-5.

UES Heavy Flannels are characterized by thick fabric and texture expressed by weaving with a power loom.

The balance between the warp and weft thread is good, and the moderate movement of the fabric improves comfort.

The characteristics of the Pre-dyed fabric using direct dyes are that the color gradually fades by wearing them. You can enjoy the subtle color tone.

On the inner side a slight brush is applied which gives a soft touch feeling, and at the same time it also enhances heat retention.

The width has also been slightly expanded from our previous Heavy Flannel series, therefore there is more room in the chest and it can be worn more relaxed.

The 501952 Heavy Flannels will be arriving shortly and there will be more new designs to come.

If you are interested please feel free to contact us through our Ues Official Online Store.