This is a comeback of a popular item in the past.

The main material is 23oz denim with ears, and glove leather is combined.

The back of the shoulder straps is lined with sashiko fabric a type of functional embroidery, with no two pieces alike.

It is familiar in judo clothing to prevent dye transfer. Since it is a textured fabric, it also has a slight anti-slip effect.

The length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted with the tack button. Once you have decided on the length you like, cut off the excess part and use it.

It is designed to prevent unraveling by cutting between bolt stitch.

The gusset width of the bag is set to a width that can accommodate a 500 ml PET bottle.

An easy-to-use shoulder pouch that can store the minimum necessary items.


Coming soon on the English UES OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE