I would like to introduce the newly arrived Traveler shirt.

The traveler shirt uses a ues original High-density fabric which is sure to last for years.

This material can withstand years of hard use can fully enjoy the aging of and fading of Indigo.

Metal tuck button is used to withstand the toughness on the material.

Selvedge is used on the cuffs and side bottom of the shirt.

The chest pocket is designed to be slightly larger than a general shirt to enhance storage capacity. The inner pocket on the left chest is sized to fit a passport. In this inner pocket, in addition to personal data such as name, address, and blood type, a space for writing the itinerary (destination, arrival date, departure date) is provided.

A large Locker Loop is sewn on the back yoke is for hanging the shirt.

The silhouette is relaxed compaerd to the usual Ues shirts, designed for eazy movements and layering.

It has a functionality similar to between a jacket and a shirt.

Available in DENIM and HIKORY.  Sizes 1~5


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