#552002 Open Collar Hard Twist Yarn Shirt



This uses the same  UES original fabric as the #552001,using a twisted yarn with a higher number of twists in the weft.

By applying the washing process and tumble dry, the twisted yarn used for the weft shrinks, and a unique wrinkled texture appears on the fabric.

There are two color variation of Indigo and Chambray.

The Indigo uses indigo rope dyed yarn for both warp and weft, for the chambray indigo rope dyed yarn is used only in the warp.

The light and shade of the surface woven pattern is called seeahand fabric.

Only in this part the density of the warp is coarse. From this the fabric becomes lighter and allows the air to pass through easily and ventilation is improved. Most of all, the shirt itself is characterized by a refreshing appearance.

The twisted fabric stretches moderately, so it is comfortable to wear. In addition, the wrinkles on the surface of the fabric, improves the separation from the skin, which will enhance the refreshing feeling.

Using rope dyed indigo yarn, means you can also enjoy fading.

These will be apearing on the overseas Online shortly, please stay tuned.

Sizes will be available in 0~5.