The Ankle-length socks uses high-quality linen.

You can experience the characteristics of linen: strength, sweat-absorbing, quick-drying, and unique feel.

A special low-gauge knitting machine was used because the yarn as the material became thicker.

The arch part of the foot is made stretchable and by switching the course of knitting with high density in the heel it makes it hard to slip off.

The use of high-quality rubber with strong power , repeated washing will tighten the knitted fabric and increase the fit.

The knitted fabric is thicker due to the use of thicker yarn, but the cushioning property is excellent. 

Combined with the refreshing feeling of linen material, it is ideal not only with sneakers but also with sandals.

Sure to keep your spring and summer refreshed.

Sizes available are Small and Large.

Small size(Ladies) : 22cm~24cm    U.S : 5~7      EUR: 34~38

Large size(Mens)  : 25cm~27cm    U.S: 7~9        EUR: 40~44

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