A key hook designed to fit snugly into a jeans belt loop.

Since its shape is Z-shaped, it has been named Z-HOOK.

Can be used as a key ring in combination with a double ring (89-DR).

In the image is the combination with the key case (891054).


89-KH   COLOR: SILVER                                               89-KH  COLOR: GOLD                       

A product that recreates a vintage key chain.

The body made of brass is in a solid state without plating, so it oxidizes when used, and its color changes to antique.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.

It is an excellent material that has been used for various purposes since ancient times because it is hard to rust, and easy to cast and process.

While the main body is made of brass, the wire uses stainless steel with excellent strength and spring characteristics.

As a result, the spring characteristics are maintained over a long period of use, making it more practical.


Both is available in Silver and Gold.

You can enjoy the unique luster as you use it.
How about as an accent around the waist?

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