This is our most popular denim baseball cap complete with patch. A shallow-fitting and long brim are the most remarkable features of this product.

The more you wear, the attachment becomes greater from the denim characteristics of unique fading colors for each customer. Devices to enjoy color loss only by your self are lurking in details of the specification. In the brim of the cap we used a hard core in order to keep your favorite shape. When the cloth which covering the brim wears thin and tears, a little surprise will show up.

By wrapping the core of the brim with the check fabric, it becomes a mechanism to take a face from inside when the front fabric breaks. The attached patch uses base fabric and embroidery thread, both cotton material, texture is natural and fades like denim fabric.

From spinning, dyeing to knitted fabric, in cutting and sewing all of this is made in Japan. We are very committed to purely Japan Made.

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Limited Edition Caps 2019 reservation reception will be starting very soon. The Limited Edition Caps are completely Made-to order with special features and more sizes that can only be ordered from our Direct Stores and Official Online Shop. I will be making an announcement shortly, Please don’t miss this opportunity and stay tuned!