The product concept is “a shirt that can still be worn after 15 years and is the perfect traveling companion”.

The result is a durable material that serves as a base for “manufacturing products that can be used with love and care until the end of time,” and from this, the traveling shirt was completed. Buttons are made of metal tucked buttons so that they do not lose out to the strength of the fabric. The back yoke also has hanger loops. The breast pocket is large. Sleeves are rolled up with snap buttons on the strips. An inside pocket sewn into the inside of the left front is large enough to hold valuables such as a cell phone or passport. The destination and date can be written on it.

We want people to wear this shirt and travel with it to all kinds of places, and we want it to be a canvas on which memories will be engraved as they are passed down from generation to generation. This shirt was planned with this in mind.

It comes in five color variations: denim, hickory, olive, camel, and black.
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