This is a reprint of a popular product in the past. In addition to denim and hickory, three colors have been newly added: wabash, camel, and black.

The durable 14.9 oz fabric is aging.

Can be attached around the waist through the belt through the loop.

The gusseted pocket is large enough to hold a paperback book and is suitable for storing small items such as smartphones.

The loop is also equipped with a D-can, so you can attach a shoulder strap or hook a key ring depending on your ingenuity.





PP-5 is compatible with large size smartphones when inserted horizontally. In addition, a small notepad (paperback book size) can be stored, and a pen holder is provided so that you can carry your favorite pen.

In addition to the main pocket, there is also a small sub-pocket.

The loop that hangs from the belt also employs a snap button so that it can be removed easily.


The PP series will be available on the Overseas UES Official Online Store shortly, stay tuned.