#501954      BLACK / NAVY    Size: 0~5

This is the thickest of the UES Heavy Flannel shirts. The fabric made of thick yarn has a clear presence of twill and is undefeated with the strong plaid.

Made using an old-fashioned loom.

This machine does not pull the yarn excessively and produces a soft texture. Brushing is given on the inner side, enhancing the soft touch and warmth.

It is a product that requires high technology for sewing because it is extremely thick. Because it is sewn with triple-stitched winding, it can be durable and long-lasting.

With the Direct dyed yarn you can enjoy moderate aging with repeated use and washing.


#501953  INDIGO    Size:0~5

In this year’s Indigo Flannels we have made them the same texture as last season’s Extra Heavy Flannels using Indigo yarn.

Using the dobby loom we irregularly changed the length and location of the warp and woof to create a expression different from an usual twill.

This creates the almost pear skin like texture on the surface of the material, therefore is called crepe weave material or amundsen weave.

Rope dyed uneven yarn is used for both vertical and horizontal.

In terms of ease of wearing, as a cotton material this is extra thick. The color loss that is characteristic of rope dyeing is that when the surface is worn, the unstained white cotton

comes out to the surface, and the light and shade of indigo appears.

The inner side of the fabric is brushed, so you can feel the goodness and warmth of the touch.

From yarn dyeing to woven fabrics, and brushing this product can only be made to shape and produced in limited factories.

You can enjoy the unique features of the indigo’s color fade and aging from the fabric.

※ The width has been slightly expanded compared to our previous Heavy Flannels from over the years,  there is more room in the chest and it can be worn more relaxed.